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Natasha Kyprianides
Digital Mortgages Director, Barclays

My first interaction with digital technology was through hard-disk recording for audio and music production in the late 90s. I even built a recording studio that I briefly turned into a commercial one. This was short-lived, however, as at the time I didn’t feel that this was what I was looking for in a career. I stumbled into banking by accident and went on to gain around 19 years of experience as a senior digital banking executive with expertise in the financial services industry. My focus has been on formulating effective digital strategies, harnessing disruptive innovations and leading digital transformation journeys. I have spent most of my career in Cyprus, where I was born. This happened because I had joined the core team at Piraeus Bank Cyprus to build all its digital channels and set up its greenfield operations. I then joined Hellenic Bank where I gradually became the head of Omnichannel & Customer Experience. In this role I was responsible for digital banking business across all segments as well as open banking, innovation and all distribution channels. Some examples of my award-winning successes have been the delivery of a groundbreaking mobile banking app in six months; and driving of open banking to gain a first-mover advantage and position the bank as a front runner in the race to dominate this space. I’ve recently joined Barclays as the Digital Mortgages Director, and am based at its headquarters in Canary Wharf, London.

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