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Natasha Kyprianides
Digital Mortgages Director, Barclays

A.C Member Since 2016
Natasha is the Digital Mortgages Director at Barclays. Natasha is also an internationally recognized digital expert, keynote speaker and FinTech thought leader with 17+ years of experience within the banking industry, focused on leading digital strategy and digital transformation journeys. As an innovative intrapreneur, obsessed by customer design with an unusually strong passion for the application of digital technology in a financial services environment, achieves challenging goals with a track record of empowering teams to deliver top rated results. She has taken part in a multitude of significant international conferences as a speaker with the who’s who of FinTech and Banking. Personal achievements include being profiled for the FemTech Leaders series and becoming part of the global movement, getting listed on Kurtosys: Women in Finance Power 100 and Innovate Finance: Women in FinTech 2016 Powerlist. She has also been short-listed twice by the prestigious Banking Technology magazine for the award “Outstanding Contribution by a Female in Financial Technology” in 2012 and "Woman In Technology (W.I.T)" award in 2016.

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