Together we connect expertise

“It is the long history of humankind, that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”
Charles Darwin

What is The European Digital Banking Summit

The European Digital Banking Summit is a private invitation only gathering that plays host to a community of senior Digital Banking and FinTech leaders from across the European Banking sector who come together to address some of the key challenges and opportunities within the industry.

Our relentless focus on interaction and engagement has enabled us to create an innovative program that delivers a culture of open dialogue. This approach drives value for all of our guests, who are willing to engage, debate, experience share and exchange their views on the topics that matter most!

Doing Things Different!

Our format is industry recognised as the most innovative and disruptive C-level engagement platform. Led by our Advisory Committee of industry experts, our programme delivers highly valuable and rich content based on real challenges and opportunities that are being faced within Banking.

Through the use of shared intelligence, we create a bespoke agenda for each of our guests that delivers a unique, interactive and valuable experience for all.

The European Digital Banking Summit truly allows for accelerated business discussions to take place in an environment where guests don’t just attend but participate.

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